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Start growing now Buy 10 & Get 10 Best Selling Seeds Free Starting June 30th!It’s time to celebrate Independence Day with the Buy 10, Get 10 4th of July Sale! Starting tomorrow when you buy 10 select seeds, I am giving away 10 more seeds for free. This sale includes a collection of my most patriotic strains […]

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7 Tips Growing Ganga/Marijuana

7 Tips Growing Ganga/Marijuana

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Marijuana Pest Control – 7 Ways To Keep Pests Off Your Plants Every farmer issues Marijuana pest control is something gardeners have had to deal with for centuries. Whether they are birds, insects, mammals, or even other humans, cultivated plants seem to have a target on their backs.Keeping Pests Off Your Plant Click here While humans don’t […] Most common in Jamaica Caterpillars are cannabis pests who need to vegetate in order to form their chrysalis, so they feed on plants at a fast rate. Yellow or translucent eggs, small teeth marks, and black droppings on the leaf surface are all major signs which should alarm any grower for caterpillar invasion.

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Get on with you #tunsickmusic easy signup to the link below and send us you embed code along with you links example your Tiktok sound ,YouTube Video ect are your Magic link

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This is the way to go if you know calling all Musicians/Musiclovers Introducing Tunesick Sign up now Stream and sell your music Sign up to Tunesick Singer songwriter,producer,publisher & distributer this is a one spot for your product build audiences grow Fanclub. Easy to collect what money you made, Talking about great customer service easy […]

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If your not a popular artist with millions of stream you won’t be making much money from your streams, it all depends on were you navigate your fans to stream your music

Were would you rather get a million streams? Introducing Tunesick the best place to have your music in this time no doubt . Sell your music Stream your music, DJS Artist Beatmaker this is for you the copyrights holders this is your dream to reality sign-up Now . Your music won’t get distribute to Tunesick. DJS can now upload mix up to 30 min [Read more ]

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